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URUFOR and COFUSA are two Uruguayan companies which belong to the same Economic Group dedicated to the forestry industry; to the production, industrialization and selling of high quality timber in overseas markets.
COFUSA supplies URUFOR with high quality eucalyptus grandis; and URUFOR is responsible for the industrialization and marketing of timber products under the brand name of RED GRANDIS. These activities are executed in the framework of environmental, social, health and safety policies.

Our purpose is to be recognized by our high quality products, which are obtained from sustainably managed forests and by means of a high quality industrialization process: all of which in an economically viable way. We also aim to meet the expectations of our clients, suppliers and members of the company; and thus enhance the well-being of our community.

Our mission is to offer high quality timber by maximizing economic, social and environmental sustainability.


- Preserve the integrity of our project and its natural and social environment
- Harmonize our productive objectives with environmental preservation
- Establish ourselves in the rural sector and add value in a sustainable way
- Achieve high standards of safe working conditions
- Promote training and the well-being of our people
- Collaborate with the development of the community where we have established
- Promote the proper use of timber and full use of forest products
- Contribute in active ways to the sustainable development of the Forest Sector, at a regional and national level.

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